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NET Framework and was distributed as part of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Messenger supported audio and video conversations, as well as attachments, in AVI and MP3 format. The use of audio and video in instant messaging allowed users to start a conversation online at an event or location where they could not meet, and then continue the conversation later. Although Windows Live Messenger was launched in 2003 and was available for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems, it was not available for Windows 2000. It was only available for the home version of Windows 7, but Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate. If Windows Live Messenger was installed on a Windows XP-based computer, it would be rebranded to Windows Live Mail. History Windows Live Messenger has been available since Microsoft released the first client for Windows Live as a beta in 2003. The first Windows Live client was one of the first clients to support video chat and voice calling. Initially, it was the only client that supported the Windows Live service, but others were later released. The current version of Windows Live Messenger is Windows 7 version 1709. In June 2012, Microsoft replaced Windows Live Messenger with Windows Live Mail. Features Messenger's user interface resembles that of a traditional instant messaging program, with the addition of a message window, status bar, buddy list, group chat, and the ability to send group messages. Within a conversation, users can type, send images, and access a voice chat. Microsoft has stated that Windows Live Messenger would use a user's camera to track who is talking, as well as the room's microphone to enable speech recognition. Users can access the most recent messages from their online friends in either the main window, or in a separate messages window. Each of these windows can be closed to be reopened later. Records Windows Live Messenger allows users to record their conversations using the Quick Record feature. A user could start and stop recording by using the Quick Record button, which was available in the bottom left corner of the user interface. While a conversation was being recorded, a time line appeared at the bottom of the screen to show when the message was received. By pressing the quick record button again, the previous conversation would be finished recording. Quick record only allowed a user to record a conversation from start to end; it could not record the messages between two users. This meant that a user could only have a conversation recorded




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